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Stephan Kaufmann

Mathematica as a Tool

An Introduction with Practical Examples

Mathematica as a Tool

Published by Birkhäuser; Basel, Boston (1994)

ISBN 3-7643-5031-8 (Basel)

ISBN 0-8176-5031-8 (Boston)

Paperback, 430 pages


The book can be ordered in any bookstore or directly from Birkhäuser.


This is a translation of my German book "Mathematica als Werkzeug". The English book contains several improvements, as well as adaptions to Version 2.2 of Mathematica.


Remark about the Title

The publisher chose to call the book "Mathematica as a tool" - I prefer "Mathematica as a Tool".



The software program Mathematica combines symbolic and numerical calculations, plots, graphics programming, list calculations and structured documentation into a unified, interactive environment. It is therefore an ideal tool for engineers, scientists and applied mathematicians. This book gives an introduction into the program and shows with practical examples how complex problems can be solved with just a few commands.

The first part gives an overview of the main commands in Mathematica. It is followed by a study of the detailed syntax and the evaluation process. This knowledge is the base for programming in Mathematica, to which the third part is dedicated.


Table of Contents

By selecting this link, you can look at the Table of Contents of the book.



Some of the animations developed in the book are available as QuickTime movies:

> the changes of the effective potential of the rotating double pendulum from Section 1.5.3 (700k),

> another visualization of the potential (rotational speed 10; 438k),

> the movement of the triple pendulum from Sections 1.5.2 and 1.7.2 (218k),

> one mode of the oscillator from Sections 1.6.5 and 1.7.3 (178k),

> another mode (183k).



You can download the notebooks and packages which are developed in the book. Select your operating system and save the (compressed) file on your local disk. For each operating system, a short explanation tells you how to extract the software.

The tools "StuffIt Expander" (Macintosh) and UNZIP.EXE (DOS)are available on many ftp servers. Select a server which is close to you; the links below point to the ftp server of SWITCH in Switzerland!

> Macintosh: Save the window as a file and drag it into the "StuffIt Expander" program.

> UNIX: Save as SKBook.tar; the UNIX command tar xvf SKBook.tar will generate a directory SKBook, which contains all the files.

> DOS/Windows: Save as SKBOOK.ZIP; the command UNZIP x SKBOOK.ZIP will produce the directory SKBOOK with all the files.



The most recent versions of my notebooks and packages.


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